Episode 293 – At Last, the Final Stalemate

This week on the show we finish our summer sizzler – INFIDEL – the lush, medieval epic with a message for our times, penned by the great Roger Gregg of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre. In Part 4 of 4, we are moved to “Stalemate,” where the Christian knight and Muslim “Infidel” cross enemy (or friendly?) […]

Episode 292 – The Pawns are Sacrificed to Sate the Infidel

Hmm we didn’t really intend this, but there is a section of The Cleansed that features a militant Christian force, this piece by Roger, and then a piece by our friends at Aural Stage Studios called “Jesus Gets Rejected.” Call this our ‘blasphemy’ edition. Listeners of faith, please try to keep an open mind, or skip this one and tune in next week!

Episode 253: A Bit More Polishing Off from Olde Sweeney Todd

We return again to 19th century London, where Fleet Street is home to the “Demon Barber” Sweeney Todd, a snickering, dour man whose customers mysteriously disappear, only to reappear in pies at the neighboring pie shoppe. But when a man bringing word of Martin Gestry – a lovesick sailor – disappears along with a string […]

Episode 245: Primordial Gods, Alive and Romping in New Orleans

In modern day New Orleans, ancient gods are at work. Movie producers are dying, powerful forces strike the land and the names Shango, Oya, and Ogun are heard on the wind. Mixing mythology and modern urban fantasy, Primordials is a boldly original, comic-book level adventure story along the lines of Highlander or Neil Gaiman’s American […]

Episode 217: St Patrick’s Day Audio Special Live from Ireland

OK, well the Guiness might actually be starting to run out of your system by the time you hear this, but we couldn’t help but raise a cheer for our favorite Dublin-based audio artist this week – Roger Gregg – by replaying some of his excellent work with Crazy Dog Audio Theatre. So, we got […]

Episode 214: The Witch Hunter Goes Postal

This week we conclude “Sci Fi February” with another three episodes from the spectacular Witch Hunter Chronicles. The protagonist of The Witch Hunter Chronicles is Ludlov, who is, well, a witch hunter. However, his real motivation is destroy a cult called the Black Sickle and he is willing to defy his order in his quest […]

Episode 213 – Ludlov the Witch Hunter Tells His Tale

This week we move to the next chapter of “Sci Fi February” with the blazingly awesome gothic tale, The Witch Hunter Chronicles. In the Witch Hunter Chronicles, we meet Ludlov, who is, well, a witch hunter. However, his real motivation is destroy a cult called the Black Sickle and he is willing to defy his […]

Episode 204 – Twilight Zone Radio Brings Us a Snow Angel

This week on the show we have a Christmas treat for you… from the 5th Dimension – The Twilight Zone! Since 2002 Carl Amari has been producing these inspired radio adaptations of classic Twilight Zone episodes, starring famous guests like Stacey Keach and featuring the infectious theme we all know so well. And for this […]

Episode 201 – Mutt Media Brings Us the Art of Pickman

This awesome artwork found on FrostTLU’s deviantART page and NOT provided by production company. Buy a print if you like it 🙂 Mm… Nothing like a little bit of raw human flesh eaten by demons from the bowels of hell to help you through a pile of Thanksgiving leftovers, right? If your holiday taste leans […]

Episode 197 – The Train of Horror Crosses International Falls and Arrives at the Bloody Pacific

This week we feature a thrilling Halloween special with back-to-back horror including works from the Icebox Radio Theater and the Willamette Radio Workshop. These are the last two stops on our Halloween penultimate event – the six-hour live radio drama fest called Transcontinental Terror. First, Icebox introduces us to a pair of teenage girls whose […]

Episode 196 – Chatterbox’s Dark Rendition of Pinocchio

You may recall (and how could you forget?) Chatterbox’s award-winning mini series The Dead Girl, which we played back in . That series won a well-deserved Ogle, in no small part due to the taut and suspenseful writing of writer-in-residence Kyle Hatley. So it’s with great pleasure I get to bring something new by Chatterbox […]