Free Downloads of Contemporary Drama Radio Plays

Here is an archive of all of the 'drama' themed audio plays we have showcased over the years. All episodes are free to download, however if you like it we hope you'll explore more shows by the artist and support them.

Episode 53: “Salmon” Continues its Fiery Road

This week, we sink deeper into the world of Johnny Gallagher, an Irish moviestar on the terrible road to death, and Richie Ryan, the man sent to document the “feel good” story behind this fallen icon. But as is made poignantly clear, it is hard to find the the “feel good” in this tortured man’s […]

Episode 52: The Salmon of Blackpool Starts A’Swimming

Oh radio drama fans, do we begin a treat for you today… I am absolutely tickled to bring to you, for the first time broadcast in the United States, the latest startling, bold, gripping, and mesmerizing tale by Crazy Dog Audio Theater… The Salmon of Blackpool Now the phrase “audio movie” gets kicked around a […]

Episode 5: Abe Lincoln’s Last Day (Finale)

This week on Radio Drama Revival!: The somber and startling conclusion to Quicksilver Radio Theater’s “Good Friday, 1865: Lincoln’s Last Day.” Be sure to tune in next week for an interview with writer/producer/actor Craig Wichman! (Radio Drama Revival! Episode 5 has gone to the archives — if you’re interested in hearing the piece, contact me […]

Episode 4: Abe Lincoln’s Last Day

Tune in for the first episode of Good Friday, 1865: Lincoln’s Last Day, by the outstanding Quicksilver Radio Theater hailing from New York City. This historical drama recounts eerie dreams, memories, and events that precede the assassination of one of America’s greatest presidents. Just in time for Abe’s birthday, tune in for a great professionally […]

Episode 1: Radio Drama Revival Starts with a… Drizzle

After a little bit of work, a fair amount of frustration, and a mind-blowing “wow, that’s actually pretty easy!” sensation the began coursing through my body, here it is! The Radio Drama Revival! Podcast. As much as my featured audio dramatists will let me, I’ll include the full material from my show or at least […]

Unconventional Audio Christmas Story, “Drizzle”

Well, it?s an insane time of year for all of us. I didn?t realize the blindspot I put in my life focusing on production my latest audio drama until today, when I finally woke up and smelled the egg nog, so to speak. Too much coffee, too much thinking, too much looking forward to the […]