Free Downloads of Comedy Radio Dramas

Here is an archive of all of the 'comedy' themed radio drama shows we have played over the years. All shows are free to download, however if you like it we hope you'll explore more shows by the artist and support them. Our sense of humor is pretty odd, there are plenty of 'satire' shows that fall into this category as well as crossover (i.e. 'sci fi comedy') that you'll find it. You won't find much in the way of stand-up comedy or spoken word.

Episode 310 – Welcoming in the Mayan Llamageddon

The end of the world is nigh, and we’re going out with a bang with a mondo 90 minutes of audio theater madness celebrating the ‘leave nothing for tomorrow for there is no tomorrow’ fatalistic hopes of the likely to be uneventful Mayan Apocalypse. First up on our roster, a taste of Jazz Book on […]

Captain Radio Explores AudioDrop Central

Graphic – Theme music – Shane Lamb Title: Captain Radio Explores AudioDrop Central Production Company: Angry Viking Productions Writer/Director/Producer: Eric Ericson Type: Drama, Comedy Genre:  Multiple — Sci-fi, Action, Suspense, Satire Length: 10-15 minute-long episodes Rating: AudioDrop™ Universe: AD-G thru AD-PG13; Velvet Curtain Series: AD-PG13 thru AD-R* Availability: Download from for $.89 per episode.   Greetings, Audionauts! Captain […]

Captain Radio Reviews The New York Crimes

Graphic – Theme music – Shane Lamb    Title: The New York Crimes (Mini-Series) Writer/Director/Producer: Kristen Felicetti Type: Comedy Genre:  Mystery Length: 15- to 18-minute episodes Rating: AD-PG13* (Bursts of course language unsuited for kiddies) Availability: Free to listen from WATCH NY CRIMES TRAILER @ Youtube Greetings, Audionauts! The Captain is back with a review of The New York Crimes, […]

Episode 305 – Wireless Theatre Company is the BBC

This week on the show we feature the work of Wireless Theatre Company, in their cheeky play about the drama behind radio drama creation We Are the BBC (and a nod out to its predecessor, We are Not the BBC). Rob Sterling Davies is on the crest of a wave: a celebrated scriptwriter, actor, TV […]

Episode 294 – Slip Sliding with the Silver Tongued Devil

This week we wrap up a month featuring the works of Irish dramatist Roger Gregg with a piece off his collection Diabolic Playhouse, “The Silver Tongued Devil.” This saucy mockumentary tries to uncover a surprising Irish poetry sensation… while lampooning Irish culture, academia, mass hysteria, and maybe even a jab at poetry itself (aren’t all […]

Episode 289 – A Night Out on Our Fair City

From our Mark Time/Ogle Awards winners’ circle series – this week we feature again the funky distopia of Our Fair City, where the Hartlife Company provides “All the life you ever need,” malicious man-eating ants are something to sweep under the rug, and the highlight of your day may be bumping into a mole person. […]

Episode 284: Taking a Transgender Tango to Mars

This week on the show we give a nod to West Plains, Missouri, which this week is home to the National Audio Theater Festivals‘ annual audio pilgrimage. A week jam-packed with workshops, lectures, and hands-on audio craft culminates in a live show on Friday night, broadcast locally and streamed globally. We’re airing a 2011 show, […]

Episode 281 – RCCA Releases a Song Bird

This week on the show it’s our esteemed pleasure to welcome the Radio Repertory Company of America (RRCA) who have produced dozens of works in the past 15+ years including the esteemed Anne Manx series featuring Claudia Christian (of Babylon 5 fame). Tonight we feature the 1st 1/2 of their new show, “Song Bird.” Song […]

Episode 278 – Ruby and the Zoots, Part 6

Part 6 of 6 On this week’s show we conclude of Tom Lopez’s Ruby 5, the galactic gumshoe who has been investigating the Land of Zoots. This is the episode in which secrets of the Awakening Archipelago and wacky land of Zoots are revealed! After our feature, we have the first half of an interview […]

Episode 277 – Ruby and the Zoots, Part 5

Part 5 of 6 Did we say 5? No, there are SIX parts to Ruby 5. Right, moving on… This week on the show we continue our feature of Tom Lopez’s ZBS Foundation with the fast-talking galactic gumshoe, Ruby. Our feature: Ruby 5. The natives of the Awakening Archipelago turning their islands into a wacky […]

Episode 276 – Ruby and the Zoots, Part 4

Part 4 of 5 This week on the show we continue our feature of Tom Lopez’s ZBS Foundation with the fast-talking galactic gumshoe, Ruby. Our feature: Ruby 5. The natives of the Awakening Archipelago turning their islands into a wacky world based on a story called The Land of Zoots. On one island they’re growing […]