Free Downloads of Classics Radio Dramas

Here is an archive of all of the 'classics' themed radio drama shows we have played over the years. All shows are free to download, however if you like it we hope you'll explore more shows by the artist and support them. "Classics" is this context means shows based on famous texts, not 'classic' in the sense that they are the most famous radio dramas ever made.

Episode 120: The Hippest Satyr Gets Smoked

This week we feature Roger Gregg’s smokin’ adaptation of the Greek myth of Marsyas. Marsyas was just an average satyr, drinkin’, screwin’, sleepin’ and generally carrying on with the band of Dionysus… until he fights a magical horn which changes his life (and attitude) forever. Off the Audio Gothic collection, which just about finishes this […]

President’s Day Special: Lincoln’s Last Day Remembered

Well, today might be traditionally when we think about the birthdays of Presidents, but thanks to our friends at the Quicksilver Radio Theater, we’ll be solemnly aware of the death of great Presidents, in this case that of honorable old Abe. In Good Friday, 1865: Lincoln’s Last Day, we encounter Abraham Lincoln, the man, with […]

Episode 99: Winter Begins Under the Shadow of the Bear…

This week we move from the world of the macabre to that of the fantastic, with a contemporary fairy-tale retelling by Chesterton Productions – The Shadow of the Bear. Based on Regina Doman’s novel of the same name, this epic audio adventure follows two cultured sisters living in New York City as they encounter a […]

Episode 87: Sherlock Holmes Discovers “The Speckled Band”

We continue this week with the dastardly Sherlock Holmes tale, “The Speckled Band” performed by our friends at the Quicksilver Radio Theater.? Holmes and Watson are on the hunt of the mysterious killer behind deaths at a remote estate in the English countryside… but will they be in time to stop the next death? [audio:] […]

Episode 86: Quicksilver Radio Theatre and The Case of the Speckled Band

Oh, Holmes, strongman of logic, consumer of sensitive substances and eyes that make a hawk look blind… and an audio theater regular, much, unfortunately, to the abuse of the fine British detective. Forget all the hack-job Holmeses you’ve heard today as our friend at the Quicksilver Radio Theatre delight us again with the diabolical tale […]

Malleus Review: The Meaning of the 4th of July for the Negro by Frederick Douglass (English)

10 out of 10 In a subtle and varied presentation, actor Fred Morsell brings the full force of statesman and former slave Frederick Douglass’s eloquence to bear on the issue closest to him: slavery. Re-enactment at its finest, Morsell’s performance confirms both the classic status and contemporary relevance of Douglass’s legendary 5th of July speech. […]

The Ides are Marching!

Well, tis’ time to let slip the dogs of war again in an event that’s WAY more intoxicating than St. Patrick’s Day… it’s the Ides of March! To celebrate, we have a bonus presentation of the uncut Tragedy of Julius Caesar by Quicksilver Radio Theatre. Hope you enjoy! [audio:] Radio Drama Revival – Bonus Presentation […]

Episode 46: You Better Hyde!

No, we’re not referring to eerie references to Santa Claus, but to the megalomaniac loose in the streets of London in this week’s tale, “The Confessions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” We’d actually just reached the “confession” portion of the program last week, and now we learn all about the darker half of London’s […]

Episode 42: The Answer to Everything?

Wow, what a hell of a week for Radio Drama Revival! I got interviewed by Justin Ellis of the Portland Press Herald for the NXT Podcast, a youth culture column, and my chat with him made it on the NXT Halloween Special… thanks Justin for a great chat and for being interested in what this […]

Episode 19: The Conclusion of Julius Caesar

The body of Caesar lies dripping in the palace’s chambers, as Brutus steps out to speak to the chaos of the street to answer for the conspirator’s deeds. But the dogs of war have slipped, and good-intentions might fulfill the prophecy they feared. The exciting conclusion to Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” by our […]

Episode 18: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar (Part 1)

Lend me your ears… and let slip the dogs of war! Tragedy, betrayal, power lust and vengeance collide in this fresh contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar,” rendered in livid sound by our friends at the Quicksilver Radio Theater. Enjoy the first half of the drama, with the bloody conclusion next week. […]