Free Downloads of Adventure Radio Dramas

Here is an archive of all of the 'adventure' themed radio drama shows we have played over the years. All shows are free to download, however if you like it we hope you'll explore more shows by the artist and support them.

Episode 166 – Going Deep and Meeting Mighty Demons

This week, a tale of lascivious delight and ghosts of the deep below from Crazy Dog Audio Theatre. The tale is Demons of the Deep, from the collection Diabolic Playhouse. Roger calls it: A tempestuous black comedy of entangled relationships set against the hunt for a mysterious sea creature. A multi-levelled tale, listeners might also […]

Episode 163 – Southwestern Ghosts with Never Paid Radio

This week we return to and wrap up our series on ghosts – the spooky, rather than the malevolent type. Our featured artist is Never Paid Radio, a group out of Prescott, Arizona that first introduces us to a painting of a train depot near the Grand Canyon… A place where a man had an […]

Episode 155 – FinalRune Visits Three Skeleton Key

Today we feature the final installment in FinalRune’s 2009 project of old time radio re-creations with the Mad Horse Theater Company. The tale is the classic “Three Skeleton Key,” recorded many times, no doubt, but never before (we suspect) in a genuine Maine lighthouse. The tale?  Three lighthouse keepers find themselves the prisoners of their […]

Episode 141 – FinalRune Returns with a Dangerous Game

Closing the month of September is a production I’m thrilled to share with you. It’s the first work out of a three-part collaboration of FinalRune Productions and the Mad Horse Theater Company. The project took classic old time radio plays and brought them to life with modern day field recording, and what fun it was! […]

Episode 136: The Golden Sphinx Gets Gone

This week we continue the series by Boston-based Colonial Radio Theater, the “Yankee Clipper and the Adventure of the Golden Sphinx.” With two guards of a mysterious golden sphinx found dead, and the sphinx itself found missing, the crew of the Yankee Clipper finds themselves with unknown dangers and major mysteries to deal with.

Episode 135: A Sail on the Yankee Clipper with Colonial Radio Theater

This week we welcome Boston-area Colonial Radio Theater on the Air to the show with their series “Yankee Clipper and the Adventure of the Golden Sphinx.” Colonial Radio is a long-running and prolific production company whose work has appeared on satellite radio, terrestrial radio, and on the web at their own website, Lulu, and The […]

Episode 124: Going Far Afield to Meet Western Ghosts

This week we continue our focus on artists who have been involved with the National Audio Theater Festivals, the upcoming week-long workshop dedicated to audio drama located in West Plains, Missouri. This week’s drama is a feature produced by Lance Axt, the de facto voice of NATF on the LinkedIn and Facebook social networks and […]

Malleus interview: Nigel Fairs speaks on The Faction Paradox Protocols

This week I’m pleased to post my interview with Nigel Fairs, who cast, directed, composed and mixed the Faction Paradox Protocols published by BBV. Many know Nigel from his work on the Sapphire and Steel and Tomorrow People audio drama serials from Big Finish productions. In this interview Nigel gives a good-humored, at times surprisingly frank […]

Faction Paradox: A Layman’s guide to the Audio Drama Serials


Episode 115: The End of a Long March (Orders is Orders Part 4)

Fred’s back! After a great adventure through the hills of Ireland and Dublin City (where I met Roger Gregg, the brains behind Crazy Dog Audio Theatre), I take by the mic as we conclude our adventure through an alternate WW2-era world where Japan wages war against China. In the besieged city of Shunkien, only the […]

Episode 114: Orders is Orders, Part 3 of 4

This week, we continue our adventure through an alternate WW2-era world where Japan wages war against China. In the besieged city of Shunkien, only the American consulate remains standing, though their situation looks grim: food is running low and cholera threatens to break out. With the United States Army unable to make an official intervention, […]