Episode 374 – Seeking Utopiates and Drinking Titanium Rain

Following up with our interview with creator Josh Finney and actress Denise Poirier, we have this week the first half of Titanium Rain, the searing Audie-nominated, Mark Time-winning war story by the Audiocomics Company (created by Josh Finney and Kat Rocha). AudioComics and Finney are teaming up again as they seek to produce Utopiates (Support […]

Episode 373 – A Trip with Wireless Theatre to Experience “Country Life”

Our friends at the Wireless Theatre Company continue to surprise, delight, frighten and amuse us. Today’s dose is a charming witty tale of life in retirement gone awry, “Country Life.” In the serene garden of a Devonshire cottage, next door neighbours Kenneth and Barbara while away their twilight years amid cups of tea, bonfires and […]

Episode 372 – Looking for Love in “Any Other” Dublin…

Part 3 of 3 We finish our focus on the darkly hilarious portraits of post-recession Dublin in Gareth Stack’s “Any Other Dublin,” a delicious field-recorded comedy-satire series. Featuring Episode 5… Meet Martha Heinsklimer, feminist icon and one woman Irish business brand. Martha is a Tech entrepreneur and divorcee, who owns and runs her own Web […]

Episode 371 – “Other” Dubliners Go For a Romp

Part 2 of 3 We continue our focus on the darkly hilarious portraits of post-recession Dublin in Gareth Stack’s “Any Other Dublin.” Featuring Episode 3… Jolita Grīnberg is a a young Irish writer. Jolita struggles with a lack of creative recognition and the caprices of an unappreciative universe. Jolita is young creative woman, originally of […]

Episode 370 – A Visit to “Any Other Dublin”

New month, new theme, and we turn the page to Ireland, where we relish the devastatingly human portrayal of ordinary Dubliner in Gareth Stack’s “Any Other Dublin.” Any Other Dublin tells the story of six Dublin characters surviving the recession and struggling with love, lust and their own inescapable flaws. Bernie is a former property developer, […]

Episode 369 – A Trip to Lesotho, and a Troll of Stony Brook

While Fred is back in the U.S. of A, he’s spiritually still in Lesotho, so he shares a few more sounds, memories, and a killer interview he got with a local band while in the “Magic Mountain Kingdom.” The band Sotho Sounds consists of local herdsboys who grew up tending cattle, sheep, and goats, and […]

Episode 368 – Return of Severed Threads (3 of 3)

Part 3 of 3 Fred’s final entry from Lesotho on a spell-binding sunrise as he presents the encore retelling of John Dryden’s masterful 3-part drama Severed Threads. Vengeance is all that’s on schoolboy Ben’s mind as he pieces together the events surrounding his father’s death. Four thousand miles away in India, journalist Prem is drawn […]

Episode 367 – Return of Severed Threads (2 of 3)

Part 2 of 3 Fred is in South Africa and in bleary eyed wonder posts up an encore retelling of John Dryden’s masterful 3-part drama Severed Threads. When journalist Prem Sharma rescues a child working in a textile factory outside Delhi, seven thousand miles away in Minnesota, Jim Nostrand, proprietor of church-owned clothing firm Cheap […]

Episode 365 – A War on Poverty and Waiting for A Window

Our recap/celebration series continues, this time with Fred grabbing the mic to do his own blatant self-promotion… First, the 2010 satirical “War on Poverty” lampooning American geo-politics and media, followed up by the 2008 Gold Ogle Winning “Waiting for a Window.” An unexpected storm throws Norman D. Waits off his course to… somewhere. The island […]

Episode 364 – The Return of Salmon of Blackpool (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2 of 2 Conclusion of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre‘s “The Salmon of Blackpool.” Johnny Gallagher is a world famous movie star from Cork, Ireland, and he also dying slowly from a debilitating, fatal disorder.  Richie has been tasked by some big movie producers to make a ‘feel good’ biopic of this man who is ‘unloved […]

Episode 363 – The Return of Salmon of Blackpool (Part 1 of 2)

Holy crap! Radio Drama Revival is entering its 8th year! In celebration, we are playing some of our favorite selections from years past… starting with a bit of a cheat, a show that kicked off our second year, Crazy Dog Audio Theatre‘s “The Salmon of Blackpool.” This ranks as one of Fred’s top five dramas […]