Episode 351 – Digging up a Dose of ‘Wormwood’

We are thrilled that the razorblade-sharp-whit-theyre-coming-for-you-and-UFOs-really-landed-and-stole-your-grandma-kinda-sorta-maybe-radio-drama Nightvale has become a sensation.  From the poorly lit studio of a strange, strange town in god-only-knows-where, these ‘reports’ confirm every warning sign you’ve ever heard.  We’re hooked, Tumblr’s hooked, and you should be too, though as a loyal listener to this podcast you’ve heard all kinds of great […]

Episode 169 – Another Taste of Wormwood, Past the Crossroads

Wow, over 100 episodes ago we featured Wormwood, what was then a promising new audio suspense series set in the odd backwater town of Wormwood that had some weird taste of the occult. Since that time, the creators of Wormwood have delivered with a stunning first and second season, and now a three-part third season […]

Five Free Scary Stories for Halloween

Oh yeah, nothing makes me happier than sharing creepy tales for you my great fans of audio drama.  I was recently invited to post over on SFFAudio, and figured I should share these ghoulish delights with my loyal listeners as well! I ALWAYS have trouble finding enough time to feature all of the delightfully terrible […]

Episode 51: A Taste of Wormwood — Addictive and Deadly

If you don’t know what the phrase “Welcome to Wormwood” means, you’re missing out on one of the greatest audio mystery series out there — being produced today, being produced ever. Wormwood is everything you love about the serial — gripping, nail-biting, intriguing, hilarious, and most importantly, it keeps you egging for the next episode. […]