RDR From the Vault: Next Year’s Girl

Fred is back, introducing our new occasional mini-series, pulling episodes from RDR’s Archives back to the top of the pack! The inaugural episode, celebrating the Ogle Awards, is “Next Year’s Girl” – The Willamette Radio Workshop’s 2004 Gold Ogle Winning Production about a small town and the strange beast that looms large over it.

Episode 197 – The Train of Horror Crosses International Falls and Arrives at the Bloody Pacific

This week we feature a thrilling Halloween special with back-to-back horror including works from the Icebox Radio Theater and the Willamette Radio Workshop. These are the last two stops on our Halloween penultimate event – the six-hour live radio drama fest called Transcontinental Terror. First, Icebox introduces us to a pair of teenage girls whose […]

Live Halloween Radio Drama for 2009 – The Master List

Photo by Randy, Son of Robert Alright, here it is, folks – three days before Halloween and the height of scary story season. My inbox has been bombarded with new stuff all this month which I’ve been dying to get out there to you, and there is just so much happening that if I had […]

Episode 64: Through the Turnstiles and a Fireside Chat

This week we beg for money, visit an eerie future and sit down for a chat with Sam Mowry of the Willamette Radio Workshop. [audio:http://media.blubrry.com/radiodramarevival/www.radiodramarevival.com/podcasts/rdr-podcast064.mp3] Radio Drama Revival! Episode 64

Episode 63: Beware of “Next Year’s Girl”

This week we take classic fairy tales and turn them on their heads with a compelling piece produced as part of the Willamette Radio Workshop‘s Writer’s on the Air radio writing workshop help every summer. “Next Year’s Girl” tells about a small village held under the thumb of a beast which requires a yearly sacrifice […]

Episode 46: You Better Hyde!

No, we’re not referring to eerie references to Santa Claus, but to the megalomaniac loose in the streets of London in this week’s tale, “The Confessions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” We’d actually just reached the “confession” portion of the program last week, and now we learn all about the darker half of London’s […]

Episode 45: Better Hyde this Thanksgiving!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, when maybe your inlaws have a few more, ah, multi-personalities than you’d like them to have, comes the classic tale of the two halves of the human experience, The Confessions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This fine story marks the first tale by the Willamette Radio Workshop to grace […]