Episode 414 – Talking “Lockdown” with KC Wayland

This week we’re talking LOCKDOWN, the expansion story to We’re Alive set in the early days of the zombie apocalypse in the incredible claustrophobic, socially-volatile environment of a high security prison in Los Angeles. KC Wayland’s Wayland Productions is now raising funding for the project on Kickstarter (Over $43k of $50k raised so far!) and […]

Episode 396 – Fighting Off the Hordes But “We’re Alive”

As a sort of post-Thanksgiving treat, we’re going to feature a show that features a whole of feasting… of human flesh. Oh yeah, it is the ultimate Zombie apocalypse podcast, We’re Alive, with something like 20 millions downloads and 40ish hours of zombie apocalypse adventure. For Army Reserve soldier Michael Cross, the world as he […]

Episode 288 – We’re Alive’s Kc Wayland Talks

Chilling sound effects, a huge and diverse cast that has come together like clockwork, and tight writing that keeps you wound in suspense hour after hour are the hallmark of zombie podcast sensation We’re Alive, a show that proves that horror is best served cold, on the omniplex-sized theatre of your imagination. We’ve been following […]

Episode 236 – We’re Alive, But There Might Be Others…

We have featured We’re Alive periodically since their stunning a href=”/episode-18-the-zombies-are-coming-but-were-alive/”>debut in late 2009, but things seem to be extremely exciting right now for the show – having recently grossed 4.5million downloads, a remastered Season 1 of the series is now available in major bookstores thanks to a distribution deal with Blackstone, and even on […]

Episode 186 – The Zombie Podcast Returns!

Eek! Friday the 13th here on the show and zombies have laid siege on our previously scheduled programming… Yep, it’s a feature of We’re Alive: A Story of Survival again – this time with a mega episode with the full hour+ finale from season one and teasers from the forthcoming season two. We speak with […]

Episode 167 – Zombies Return for “War,” Creators of We’re Alive Chat

At last!  We kick off the audio serial series on Radio Drama Revival, starting with an excellent show we featured back in November – We’re Alive, A Story of Survival.. AKA “The Zombie Podcast.” We’re Alive is now reaching its season 1 finale, and it is a blast (literally and figuratively).  Zombies assault the tower […]

Episode 148 – The Zombies Are Coming… But We’re Alive!

Ahhh, the living dead. Just in case the onslaught of reanimated corpses in my Halloween special weren’t enough to suite your tastes for the undead, we’ve got a plentiful serving of more from our new friends Wayland Enterprises, a group of California-based filmmakers turned audio dramatists. It’s “We’re Alive,” AKA the Zombie Podcast. In this […]