Episode 397 – Searching for “The Truth” with a Cold Read and Mirror Lake

This week is PACKED!  We announce our new submissions editors, Matthew and Monique Boudreau of Aural Stage Studios, play an excerpt from Matt McLean’s excellent Audio Drama Production podcast, and then dig in for a big helping of the ‘films without visuals’ – The Truth. First up is “Cold Read,” a psychic pulls off a […]

Episode 380 – Rediscovering Jonathan Mitchell’s “The Truth”

Jonathan Mitchell hardly needs any introduction these days – the veteran public radio sound designer and composer has been charting glorious new territory in audio drama in his award-winning podcast The Truth, shortly entering its 3rd season, with dozens of ‘short films for audio’ in the archives, tens of thousands of regular listeners, and a […]

Episode 306 – The Truth Puts Us in “Good Hands”

This week The Truth returns, the remarkable (in the fullest sense of that word) audio drama podcast that seeks to reinvent the format for 21st century aesthetics. The brainchild of producer, sound designer, and writer Jonathan Mitchell, The Truth is trying many different things, but what it’s best at is a wildly innovative approach to […]