Episode 153: The Blue Carbuncle Finds Its Way Home… And Holmes’ Painful Predicament

This week we feature the conclusion to Quicksilver Radio Theater‘s adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes Tale, The Blue Carbuncle. Last week we found a precious gem lodged in the gullet of a Christmas goose, which led Sherlock and Watson on a quest to find its owner – the goose that is, not the gem. The […]

Episode 152 – In Search of the Blue Carbuncle

This week we bring back the Quicksilver Radio Theater in a most peculiar of Sherlock Holmes tales set during the Christmas season. A fat goose, a random mugging, and a precious gem. How do all three relate, and who committed this most unusual crime? Enjoy!

Bonus! Quicksilver’s Frankenstein Stalks Again…

Art by Kerry Gammill Trick or treat?  No, treat! Today’s bonus episode is from Quicksilver Radio Theater, a tremendously great group based out of New York City who have brought us such gems as Good Friday, 1865, Lincoln’s Last Day, The Speckled Band, Julius Caesar, and, of course, this one: a true-to-the-text version of Frankenstein. […]

Quicksilver Radio Theater Live! Lincoln’s Last Day: Good Friday, 1865

Our friends at Quicksilver Radio Theater are bringing back their docudrama, Good Friday, 1865, Licoln’s Last Day to the stage. As I’ve said before, this is a great play, and if you’re anywhere near NYC, you should make an effort to check it out! “Really first rate…a terrific job, both in adapting and performing…wonderful work!”- […]

President’s Day Special: Lincoln’s Last Day Remembered

Well, today might be traditionally when we think about the birthdays of Presidents, but thanks to our friends at the Quicksilver Radio Theater, we’ll be solemnly aware of the death of great Presidents, in this case that of honorable old Abe. In Good Friday, 1865: Lincoln’s Last Day, we encounter Abraham Lincoln, the man, with […]

Episode 102: Christmas Extravaganza!

Well, Santa Radio was very good to us this year and stuffed my stocking with TONS of great stuff to share with you… So break open that new mp3 player and stock it up! We have Christmas classic, Christmas irreverent, lots of voices and more than one surprise in this nearly 3-hour holiday extravaganza. Soak […]

Episode 87: Sherlock Holmes Discovers “The Speckled Band”

We continue this week with the dastardly Sherlock Holmes tale, “The Speckled Band” performed by our friends at the Quicksilver Radio Theater.? Holmes and Watson are on the hunt of the mysterious killer behind deaths at a remote estate in the English countryside… but will they be in time to stop the next death? [audio:http://media.blubrry.com/radiodramarevival/www.radiodramarevival.com/podcasts/rdr-podcast087.mp3] […]

Episode 86: Quicksilver Radio Theatre and The Case of the Speckled Band

Oh, Holmes, strongman of logic, consumer of sensitive substances and eyes that make a hawk look blind… and an audio theater regular, much, unfortunately, to the abuse of the fine British detective. Forget all the hack-job Holmeses you’ve heard today as our friend at the Quicksilver Radio Theatre delight us again with the diabolical tale […]

The Ides are Marching!

Well, tis’ time to let slip the dogs of war again in an event that’s WAY more intoxicating than St. Patrick’s Day… it’s the Ides of March! To celebrate, we have a bonus presentation of the uncut Tragedy of Julius Caesar by Quicksilver Radio Theatre. Hope you enjoy! [audio:http://media.blubrry.com/radiodramarevival/www.radiodramarevival.com/podcasts/rdr-bonus-julius-caesar.mp3] Radio Drama Revival – Bonus Presentation […]

Episode 40: Frankenstein’s Fate…

The tales of audio terror continue with the conclusion of the tale of Frankenstein’s monster… The creature, repelled by men, seeks out his creator to plea for a companion — but will Frankenstein allow his creation to have peace? [audio:http://media.blubrry.com/radiodramarevival/www.radiodramarevival.com/podcasts/rdr-podcast040.mp3] Radio Drama Revival Episode 40

Episode 39: Frankenstein’s Monster Wakes…

Horror fans delight! Today the terror continues with a tale driven by the depths man will go to in his reckless need to explore what should be left unexplored — in this case, the boundaries of life and death. Mary Shelley’s “Modern Prometheus” never sounded better than in this stunning, true-to-the-text audio theater adaptation of […]