Live Radio Drama in Boston this Weekend – Check out “Tomes of Terror”!

From our friends at the Post Meridian Radio Players: It’s time again for that old-time Golden Age of Radio recreation that Somerville, Massachusetts has known and loved for over six years! From the Post-Meridian Radio Players, who brought you “The War of the Worlds: The Mob vs. The Martians”, “The Sirens of War” and “The […]

Episode 280 – Mask of Inanna Faces a Smoking Monkey

Our second week featuring the boldly original occult mystery drama The Mask of Inanna. We’re into the second episode of season two, where Leonard Allen – the hapless old time radio host turned lighthouse keeper brought back from retirement to revive an old radio show – realizes that the ritual he’s been set up to […]

Episode 279 – Revealing the Mask of Innana Again

Not all legends die easy, and not all old radio shows are forgotten. Such is the lesson for Leonard Allen, who learned at the beginning of Post Meridian Radio Player‘s Mask of Inanna that not all was quite right with the people who took a tired old man out of a nursing home and put […]

Episode 200 – Leonard Allen Wants to Have it Your Way

Holy crap! It’s episode 200! After nearly 4 years of radio drama podcasting we hit another round of triple digits. A pretty cool milestone and a great program to share to celebrate. We’re featuring another installment of The Mask of Innana, an original mystery series by the Post Meridian Players who you probably have heard […]

Episode 199 – The Mask of Innana Goes “After Dark”

We’re psyched to bring you more inspired original audio drama this week with the pilot episode of The Mask of Innana, an original series by the Post Meridian Players who you probably have heard about through their live shows in the Boston area. The Mask of Innana demonstrates amply that they have the chops to […]

PMRP Announces Halloween Show, Launches YouTube Channel

As you may remember, for New Year’s of this year I finally got to see The Post-Meridian Radio Players live on First Night, doing one of their originals Red Shift, Interplanetary Do-gooder (a fun spin-off/tribute to campy 50s sci-fi) as well as their rendition of Arch Obeler’s classic “Chicken Heart.” To kick off the excitement […]

A First Night To Remember With Your Whole Heart

Here we go — New Year’s Day two-fer! (Don’t miss this week’s podcast of Chicken Heart below.) As mentioned, I had the huge pleasure of heading down to Boston’s First Night celebration to see the Post Meridian Radio Players perform two works — “Countdown to Chaos” the pilot episode of Red Shift, Interplanetary Do-gooder and […]

Episode 103: A Taste of “Chicken Heart” to Ring in the New Year

Episode one-hundred and three? Holy-fricken-cow! We’re closing on the show’s two-year anniversary and kicking off 2009 with a larger-than-life show to celebrate… It’s the Post Meridian Radio Player‘s studio rendition of the classic Lights Out Episode “Chicken Heart” (memorialized forever by Bill Cosby’s childhood fears). Enjoy this fun and well-done tribute, and then listen on […]