Episode 337 – Raymond Chandler’s Lost “Goldfish” and an Otherworld Interview

We continue our tour of radio noir by featuring a radio drama adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s “Goldfish,” the first Philip Marlowe short story, recorded entirely on location in the Pacific Northwest where Chandler originally set it. Harris Yulin stars as Marlowe with Harry Anderson as the lethal bad-guy “Sunset.” With an outstanding cast of Seattle […]

Episode 319 – War of the Worlds Returns with a BANG!

This week we take a bow to radio drama history by clobbering Grover’s Mill New Jersey with a big ball of fire and pissed off laser-toting Martians. Yes, folks, it is the War of the Worlds – and one of the most exquisite re-creations of it ever produced, the 50th anniversary production by Otherworld Media […]