Episode 284: Taking a Transgender Tango to Mars

This week on the show we give a nod to West Plains, Missouri, which this week is home to the National Audio Theater Festivals‘ annual audio pilgrimage. A week jam-packed with workshops, lectures, and hands-on audio craft culminates in a live show on Friday night, broadcast locally and streamed globally. We’re airing a 2011 show, […]

Episode 231 – NATF Brings us to the Homefront, while Capt Radio takes us on the Cosmic Express

This week we set our sights on West Plains Missouri, where each year a national audio pilgrimage concludes with a spectacular live show broadcast across the world. The National Audio Theatre Festivals concludes their weekly workshop with a live show TONIGHT, June 24, 2011 starting 8:30PM EDT. Tune in at: http://www.kkdy.com/index.php In the meantime, check […]

Episode 217: St Patrick’s Day Audio Special Live from Ireland

OK, well the Guiness might actually be starting to run out of your system by the time you hear this, but we couldn’t help but raise a cheer for our favorite Dublin-based audio artist this week – Roger Gregg – by replaying some of his excellent work with Crazy Dog Audio Theatre. So, we got […]

Episode 179 – The Wind At Our Backs with the National Audio Theater Festivals

This week we highlight the week-long National Audio Theater Festivals going down right now in West Plains, Missouri. In fact, keep your ears peeled to their website as they’ll be streaming live at 8PM EST tonight with their 2010 show: http://natf.org/home/528 Anyways, what we’ve got on the ‘pod is work from 2003 and 2005. Listen […]

Episode 128: NATF in the Field and “The Return of the Bogman Mummy”

A mega-episode here today to celebrate the NATF workshop down in West Plains, Missouri, and then moving on to our focus on this year’s Ogle and Mark Time winners. Lance Axt, man of many hats, introduces us to several personalities at NATF and gives us flavor of the workshop. We look into the #NATF feed […]

Episode 124: Going Far Afield to Meet Western Ghosts

This week we continue our focus on artists who have been involved with the National Audio Theater Festivals, the upcoming week-long workshop dedicated to audio drama located in West Plains, Missouri. This week’s drama is a feature produced by Lance Axt, the de facto voice of NATF on the LinkedIn and Facebook social networks and […]

Episode 123: Sound Artistry and NATF with Dianne Ballon

This week we talk to Dianne Ballon, a Maine-based sound artist and audio educator who came down as a live guest to WMPG in Portland, Maine, where Radio Drama Revival originates. We talk about Dianne’s experience both as a participant and instructor at the National Audio Theater Festivals, held each June in West Plains, Missouri… […]

Register Now for National Audio Theater Fest!

I can’t believe? I haven’t posted about this yet, but the time is fast approaching for the National Audio Theater Festivals‘ weeklong audio drama workshop. If you’re new to audio drama production or want to amp up your skills, you won’t find a better environment than in this intense week of audio goodness.? West Plains, […]

Don’t Miss the National Audio Theater Festivals Summer Workshop!

I’m behind the curve on this, but I’d be dreadfully remiss if I didn’t put a shout-out for the National Audio Theater Festivals‘ week long summer audio drama workshop. I won’t be there this year, but my god, and I’m kinda wishing I was. For example, listen to this juicy bit from their website: Workshops […]

NATF Script Contest Coming Up!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the upcoming deadline for the National Audio Theater Festival’s Script Contest.? November 15 is the postmarked-by date for entries in what is likely the biggest script contest for audio theater, with a critics from the finest ranks of the artform and great prizes such as a sizable chunk […]

…And a Great Time was Had by All (NATF Wrap)

So after days of scouring town for knick-knacks, whatzits, bagged rice, sponges, kitty litter and countless other props, assembling all of the scattered noisemakers, poring over the scripts countless times and at least two twelve hour days of tireless cue-to-cues and rehearsals, the sound effects team was ready.? The voice actors, by the sounds of […]