Episode 326: Leviathan in Crisis, A Chat with Christof Laputka and Robin Shore

This week we continue the celebration of The Leviathan Chronicles – Season 2, an example of how fantastic science fiction audio drama can be when you combine great writing, a spectacular cast, and searing sound effects. MacAllan Orsel enters the shattered world of Leviathan as perhaps the only chance the community has of enduring an attack […]

Episode 325: The Leviathan Chronicles Revive

It’s here! After two years of hard work, Leviathan Chronicles Season 2 has hit the streets. The action-packed, richly imagined sci-fi epic throws the unsuspecting MacAllan Orsel into a world of intrigue, immortals, high-tech prowess and US Government special Ops. We won’t spoil the riveting First Season, but suffice to say Season 2 starts off […]

Episode 269 – A Spring Cleansing, and Leviathan Chronicles Redux

The energy crisis is here! Well, at least in sound… With a humble thrill, I welcome you to debut of The Cleansed: Season 1. This post-apocalyptic audio epic picks up 15 years after the horrific events chronicled in the Pilot Episode. In the intervening years, David & Sam have build an off-grid stronghold called The […]

Leviathan Chronicles Special Edition Episodes Now Available

Exciting audio news this week. The creators of the Leviathan Chronicles have released two special edition episodes available as pay-per-download on their website. This is an enormous amount of content available for a shockingly low price of $1.99 per download. From the horses mouth: Internal Affairs is the longest and most epic episode we’ve ever […]

Episode 170 – Discover the Depths with Leviathan

This week, we feature a truly awesome podcast that is just at home tens of thousands of feet below sea level as it is in distant mountainscapes in Tibet and motorcycle chases in New York City. This incredible trip is called The Leviathan Chronicles, and as its truly epic first season draws to its conclusion, […]