Episode 309 – Dreaming of a Tropical Christmas in the Icebox

This week on the show we welcome back our friends at the Icebox Radio Theater with an original story by Mike Murphy, “I’m Dreaming of a Tropical Christmas.” It’s blazing hot on the North Pole, Blitzen is getting blitzed, Rudolph’s red-nosed and red faced and Santa Claus is slogging it out for the tourists trying […]

Transcontinental Terror 2012 – Part 5 / 6 – Icebox Radio Theater

Part 5 of 6 of the Transcontinental Terror live streaming Halloween Horror Event. Featuring Icebox Radio Theater (International Falls, Minnesota) with “All Hallow’s Eve” The Icebox Radio Theater of International Falls, Minnesota, USA, has many faces and many voices. It is a community theater in a small town. It is a media arts organization with […]

Episode 233 – Back From #CVG2011 with Stories To Tell and a Trip to 1918

Today we stagger back from a GREAT trip out west to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the CONvergence science fiction and fantasy convention (known to you Twitterers as #cvg2011). We received the 2010 Silver Mark Time for FinalRune‘s production The Cleansed: Episode Zero and celebrated with other winners, including Jonathan Mitchell (who created the spectacular Moon Graffiti), Matthew and […]

Episode 197 – The Train of Horror Crosses International Falls and Arrives at the Bloody Pacific

This week we feature a thrilling Halloween special with back-to-back horror including works from the Icebox Radio Theater and the Willamette Radio Workshop. These are the last two stops on our Halloween penultimate event – the six-hour live radio drama fest called Transcontinental Terror. First, Icebox introduces us to a pair of teenage girls whose […]

Episode 146 – Don’t Get Lost On the Ice!!

Jeff Adams is one talented dude. He’s done very well with his Icebox Radio Theater, and while I love his family-friendly stuff, imo it’s with the creepy stuff that his talents as a writer and producer really shine. If you doubt this, go tune into last year’s Halloween special when we heard his tale The […]

Live Halloween Radio Drama for 2009 – The Master List

Photo by Randy, Son of Robert Alright, here it is, folks – three days before Halloween and the height of scary story season. My inbox has been bombarded with new stuff all this month which I’ve been dying to get out there to you, and there is just so much happening that if I had […]

Episode 50: Naughty or Nice?

Episode fifty? Egads! Almost a whole year has zoomed by… and how much fun we’ve had! This week, we finish cleaning up the wrapping paper in time to hear two tales coming from two desperately different spheres… or, as we like to say “Naughty or Nice.” Enjoy a new tale from Buffy Between the Lines […]

Episode 26: How’s your Imagination?

For the first time in, uh, memory, the podcast is actually out on Thursday… only hours after the live broadcast! Don’t expect this to become habitual behavior, but DO feast your ears on the twisted happenings of Jeff Adams’ Imagination X, with the story Family Radio, featuring a DJ at a local station who takes […]