Episode 37: Explosive Twists on the Huddleston

Well the last few weeks we’ve met some of the most colorful — some menacingly so — characters of the galaxy as conflicting forces collide on the luxurious Huddleston Space Liner. Now the cries of blood vengeance reach a desperate pitch and the only solution may be the ultimate one. [audio:http://media.blubrry.com/radiodramarevival/www.radiodramarevival.com/podcasts/rdr-podcast037.mp3] Radio Drama Revival – […]

Episode 36: Space is Colored Blood Red

Well, as we enter into the second episode of “Murder on the Huddleston Ferry,” the series starts to live up to its name. Conflicting intergalactic forces — of good, evil, and unknown intentions — clash together, making this trip aboard the luxury spaceliner one its passengers will not soon forget. [audio:http://media.blubrry.com/radiodramarevival/www.radiodramarevival.com/podcasts/rdr-podcast036.mp3] Radio Drama Revival – […]

Episode 35: Murder Comes to the Huddleston

For most passengers of the Huddleston, it was looking to be a relaxing cross-galactic space voyage on a luxurious space liner. Long nights at the Antigravity Red Bar, friends of a promiscuous persuasion, hours spent staring as the stars as they swooshed by… by Emille Song and the Professor, hot from the Catacombs with the […]

Episode 22: Marc Rose and Geral McQuinn Speak Out

Due to trekkin’ through deep ranges of the tundra… okay, Old Town, Maine — the podcast is held up by a day this week. Accept my humble apologies for holding back from you this excellent interview with two true radio originals — Marc Rose and Geral McQuinn of Dry Smoke and Whispers Holodio Theater. With […]

Tune in today for Marc Rose and Geral McQuinn

I had the opportunity to chat with these two crazy cats who have been producing Dry Smoke and Whispers (and other great audio) off and on for 27 years… yes, that’s longer than I’ve been alive people! Needless to say, they have an excellent rapport and some great insights about the state of audio drama […]

Episode 21: The Shadowman Speaks

This week, we enter the depths of distance space for an adventure that’s out of this world… Dry Smoke and Whispers Holodio Theater hosts The Shadowman, a trilogy of deception and intrigue in a world very distant, yet eerily parallel, our own. In this episode, Emille Song confronts an ancient cult that controls more than […]