Echo Fiction Launches!

Xander Davis of Dreamseed, and now Echo Fiction, is a hell of an ambitious guy, a great producer, and now is responsible for yet another great addition to audio theater — the first (as I see it) truly 21st century clearinghouse for audio drama… An online store featuring streams of a diverse group of audio […]

Dreamseed’s Soul Rift Premieres this Fall

If you were lucky enough into one of the most popular episodes ever on the show — Dreamseed’s spectacular Buried in Falling Sand and the interview with its producer, Xander Davis — then you no doubt were waiting with baited breath to hear when the next work, Soul Rift, would be out (I know I’ve […]

Episode 17: Dreamseed’s Xander Davis

This week we talk with Dreamseed founder, writer, director, producer Xander Davis. Having taking the vow to “make it happen,” Xander Davis has a lot to say about the art and craft of audio theater, what’s gone into his works to date, and what he thinks it will take to get the modern media consumer […]

Episode 16: Buried in Falling Sand

This week, Dreamseed‘s foreboding tale of a future where the salvation of the worker comes in the form of a little yellow pill. Yet, when one man forgets to take his little pill of dreams, he quickly realizes how much he’s been missing, and how little a chance he stands at getting it back. A […]

Audio Drama Review: Buried in Falling Sand

As you may realize, I’m a big fan of audio theater that tells contemporary stories, the kind you might find in the latest short story review or premium cable channel (but are especially well suited to the audio form). These productions are a little edgy, often dark, and attempt to speak to something greater than […]