Episode 334 – This Thing of Ours is Looking for a Boss

June is unofficially dubbed ‘mystery drama month,’ kicking off with a BANG with the 70s Noir New York Mafia Drama “Thing Thing of Ours” by Scott Spaulding’s Decorated Air Theater. Tensions are high within the Colombo Crime Family as gunshots ring out a few days before Christmas 1977. The fella’s scramble to get answers and […]

Episode 244 – It’s a Mean Thing, This Thing of Ours

This week we are pleased to feature another producer new to the show (indeed, new to radio drama altogether) – Scott Spaulding, whose new gritty mobster drama, “This Thing of Ours,” is sure to tear up the pristine streets of radio drama land… In 1970s New York, it’s not easy to be a wise guy […]