Episode 392 – Returning to the Clanking Buoy Bell

This week we dig into the archives to re-play the Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater Classic New England Ghost Story “The Buoy” A beautiful post of how this production was recorded is available at: http://www.ccrmt.com/the-buoy-2/ This is an utterly unforgettable ‘foggy old Cape Cod’ story of a lone traveler on a cold night who misses the […]

Episode 93: The Buoy Clangs As the Water Rises…

In the second half of The Buoy, our hapless tourist lays tied out, miles from shore, in the bitter cold with only the toll of the buoy and rising waves as company. Is his fate to die alone in the dark or will the full moon tide not rise enough to drown him? Enjoy the […]

Episode 92: The Buoy Dips Deeper…

It’s gotta be something in the water up here in New England. In all the fog and gruff folks and lonely islands, the imagination takes on the shape of darkness lurking just out of reach, and dangers below and above the water… And what a tale to continue our medley of fright than “The Buoy,” […]

Malleus review: The Buoy (English)

9 out of 10 As the buoy dips and water closes over your head for the final time, you reach a terrifying conclusion:? Steven Thomas Oney is one hell of a writer.