Episode 423 – Investigating the Ghosts of Flannan Lighthouse

A chilling mystery unfolds in 1900 off the Scottish coast as Joseph Moore arrives at the Flannan Island Lighthouse to find it cold and abandoned… its keepers vanished. Will a blood-stained journal reveal a clue to their dark fate or resurrect an ancient long-dead curse? We’re pleased to welcome back Campfire Radio Theater with the […]

Episode 391 – A Return to “Hungry Hollow”

This week, we feature an appetizer of location horror followed by a full-on meal, the former by our own FinalRune Productions and the latter by John Ballentine’s Campfire Radio Theater. Earlier this year, host Fred Greenhalgh was invited to participate in the founding a new kind of way to get kids to interact with the […]

Episode 353 – Entering the “Hungry Hollow” with Campfire Radio Theater

Our audio horror ‘treats’ continue this week with a new discovery (to us) – the fantastic talents of Campfire Radio Theater. The tale we have for you today is the spooky classic ghost-story with fresh take tale “Hungry Hollow.” A few hikers disappear in the woods and find a lost woman. The ravishing runaway sets […]