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Title: The New York Crimes (Mini-Series)
Writer/Director/Producer: Kristen Felicetti
Type: Comedy
Genre:  Mystery
Length: 15- to 18-minute episodes
Rating: AD-PG13* (Bursts of course language unsuited for kiddies)
Availability: Free to listen from


Greetings, Audionauts! The Captain is back with a review of The New York Crimes, a comedy mystery mini-series from independent Big Apple writer/director/producer, Kristen Felicetti.

Meet upper-middle class brothers Albert and Wallace Wren (portrayed by Rob Daurio and Mack Gelber), best described as the low-key Lenny and Squiggy of modern crime detection. Emotionally stalled in their twenties (maybe earlier), they debate what to do with themselves following the death of both parents’ in a violent auto accident a year earlier.


Albert’s sudden apparent kidnapping leads both to a fateful encounter in a squalid backwater bar with mysterious and reclusive, Norman Avery (played by Lew Gardner). Remarkably, Avery perceives potential in these emotional misfits and wants to hire them both … as detectives!


The pair first must “train” with severe method-actress Eva (portrayed by Michele Rosenthal) to acquire the crucial skills of lying convincingly and posing as others. Avery next reluctantly dispatches the fledgling dysfunctional duo to an even seedier night club operated by Max Shift (portrayed by Charles Reinhardt) discretely to investigate thefts from customers that occur during late night band sets.

New York Crimes - Albert & Wally
Subsequently, our pair of poster kids for arrested development actually manage to hit the streets and do some honest gum-shoeing, interrupted, though, by sudden joint urges to indulge deeply in the many temptations of the sordid world into which they’ve plunged; and to play video games. Eventually, while posing as Milly Vanilly knock-off instrumental noise rocksters at Max’s club, Albert has a deductive epiphany and immediately exposes the thief, leading to a wild car chase with Wally driving.


After unfortunately smunching into a parked Mercedes, losing their perp, Albert remains hot to press the pursuit. However, Wally implodes at the thought of nearly killing his brother in like manner to the deaths of both parents. He bails on the caper and promptly departs for Westchester.

His decision proves, oh, so fateful for his brother.


Felicetti, a new face in independent audio theater, seeks to fuse old-time radio crime mystery elements with twenty something’s boredom. She envisions that the process of solving crimes just might lead her protagonists to resolve other apparently irresolveable life problems. While listeners might at first glance regard her characters as running the gamut from exaggerated to shallow, Felicetti strives for real-world contemporary characters and voices from the twenty-somethings primarily populating her tale. She almost exclusively recruited actors from among her peer acquaintances. Then, as recording progressed in the casual setting of an urban apartment, she encouraged them just to be themselves. Others from the big-city milieu may judge her relative success for themselves; I enjoyed hearing the characters emerge in living color as the actors explored their present state through Felicetti’s sometimes clever and often insightful scripts. I look forward to more of Felicetti’s Albert and Wally, and I believe so does she …

Catch off-beat tongue-in-cheek mystery trenched in the Big Apple – listen to Kristen Felicetti’s 4-part mini-series, The New York Crimes, available online free to listen at

Also, check out the smooth multi-layered harmonies of Ava Luna, the Brooklyn indie band heard in the background and featured in The New York Crimes, by visiting their web site at

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* Rating based on the Audio Drama Directory Ratings System.