About Radio Drama Revival

Radio Drama Revival is one of the internet’s longest-running anthology modern audio drama shows (dedicated mostly to programming created after the “Golden Age” of US Radio Drama). We were founded in 2007 by producer Fred Greenhalgh, and transitioned in 2016 to the stewardship of David Rheinstrom.

To date, the podcast has featured over 250 hours of audio stories, interviews, and other features. We’ve interviewed over 100 artists ranging in age from 17 to 70 and debuted some of the stand-out hits of the contemporary audio drama scene.

Fred Greenhalgh, Host Emeritus (2007-2016)

Fred Greenhalgh, retired host of Radio Drama Revival

Fred Greenhalgh, retired host of Radio Drama Revival

Radio Drama Revival’s history starts with Fred Greenhalgh, who kicked the show off in January of 2007.

Fred’s passion for radio drama started with his discovery of the art while producing his first work, Day of the Dead. A dedicated fiction writer through high school and college, Fred found the audio format an ideal medium for his short stories and began the process of adapting the tales he’d collected over the years under the moniker of FinalRune Productions.

Still, there are only so many places one can hear radio drama, and when a free air slot opened up at Portland, Maine community radio station WMPG Fred sprung on the chance. Station management was up for a radio drama show and kerplam, Radio Drama Revival was born.

David Rheinstrom, Host (2016 – )

David Rheinstrom - Host, Radio Drama Revival

David Rheinstrom – Host, Radio Drama Revival

David is a writer and game maker who lives in Mountain View, CA, home of Google and their army of Schwinn bikes.  He first got into radio theater in 2007, when he and two friends produced three original shows – Sky Pirates!, The Human Chord, and Simon Colt – with the KWUR Theater of the Air, their college radio theater company.

For his day job, David works at Khan Academy, an education nonprofit in the San Francisco Bay area. Prior to coming on board with Radio Drama Revival, David was assistant sound editor, writer, and producer with Chicago’s cult-hit post-apocalyptic podcast Our Fair City.