A Big Night for Audio Fans

Ahh… “hear” at last — Halloween! The one day a year where you can get away with dressing up like a lunatic (outside of New Orleans), knock on stranger’s doors demanding candy and cuddle up to the stereo and pretend that great audio stories are just another part of our cultural framework.

Tonight a lot of things are hitting the airwaves (or bit stream, but let’s not technical) — FreeQuincy Radio debuts their first studio production, a tale of prohibition and ghost stories that are eerily real, Icebox Radio has posted some of their spooky stories, and the Science-Fiction Fantasy Audio Blog has posted some great links to scary stories on BBC7. Oh, and did I forget to mention, there’s an hour-and-a-half, three part audio horror extravaganza on WMPG?

Tonight’s show kicks off at 8:30PM EST, and will feature three absolutely stellar works — “The Statement of Randolph Carter,” adapted by the acclaimed Bill Dufris, the Ogle-award winning “God of the Razor,” adapted from Joe R. Lansdale’s short story, and my own “Dark Passenger” (produced as part of FinalRune Productions) which is startlingly fresh, dark, and unremitting. Ah… the sweet smell of fear in the air!

If you can’t tune in tonight, well, I’m sorry for you but stay tuned tomorrow for the podcast. And yes, the regular show will continue tomorrow, with “something completely different.”