5 Most Memorable Interviews

Radio Drama Revival Podcast Audio to Listen to AgainToday we continue our three year anniversary special and self-reflective analysis.  Today we focus on the most memorable interviews I’ve ever done.

This was a really hard one to put together, because I’ve done a ton. In fact, here’s a link to all interviews on Radio Drama Revival.

Here are some of what I consider the very best:

  1. Roger Gregg @ Crazy Dog HQ in Ireland (Episode 117)

    I’ve had the huge pleasure of speaking with Roger Gregg on several occasions, but none more interesting than in his den of iniquity in Dublin, Ireland.

    Roger speaks of the promise and challenge of audio programming, and how innovative use of art is the way to keeping audio relevant in the YouTube age.

  2. Tom Lopez on ZBS Film Noir (Episode 127)

    This past summer I was looking for people to talk about the National Audio Theater Festivals (NATF) and it made sense to talk to Tom Lopez again, arguably one of audio’s most influential and creative producers.

    This interview was fun because we got to talking about short-form audio drama and experimenting with a visual component.  Like Roger’s interview, we got a veteran’s view of audio in our society and ideas on how audio can keep its place in an environment of media glut.

  3. Sue Zizza and Pat Fenton (Episode 84)

    In what I think is my only interview with both producer and writer, Sue and Pat talked about the work that went into the audio dramatization of Jack’s Last Call, including a lot of fun anecdotes about Jack Kerouac’s life and some gems about audio production.

  4. Scott Hickey and Brian Price Talk about the Slasher (Episode 81)

    Ihad the occasion to sit in behind-the-scenes in the recording of “The Slasher,” an – ahem – killer work by The Grist Mill and a great opportunity to see seasoned vet Brian Price do what he does best.  This interview brought in producer and director to talk about their ambitious approach to audio – producing stories by published authors – and getting together an incredible cast and a professional recording space for their show.

  5. Erik Bauersfeld and Jim McKee Talk About Radio Drama in the Bay Area (Episode 134)

    In case interviewing Tom Lopez wasn’t good enough, I got to talk to his mentor, Erik Bauersfeld, who’s been inspired by radio drama since he first heard the Witches’ Tale back in the 1930s.

    In this interview we touch on everything from his early days at KPFA doing Black Mass to his pioneering productions in field recorded audio drama.  By the way, Erik won the prestigious audio luminary award from Third Coast Audio Festival this year!

Did I miss something?  Disagree?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.