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Episode 400 – A Christmas Carol by Voices in the Wind

This week we feature the work of Voices in the Wind, a group based out of Toronto, CA who are producing their own original material as well as classics, such as we’ll hear today, “A Christmas Carol.” You know the drill, Ebeneezer Scrooge is a jerk and his life is transformed by a bunch of […]

Episode 399 – Happy Exclusion Day!

This week the Hartlife Company – all the life you’ll ever need – is proud to present Tales from Our Fair City in their annual EXCLUSION DAY special. A charming story of survivors, obedience, and a happy man wearing red.  Featuring both their 2011 special as well as a more recent live performance from Chicago, […]

Episode 398 – It’s A Wonderful Life, Live!

This week we thoroughly embrace the holidays with the RG Productions rendition of “It’s A Wonderful Life,” the beloved American holiday classic, based on the Lux Radio adaptation from 1947. This story of idealism and reflection was produced live as part of the “Retro Radio Holiday Revue,” an event that Nita Hunter’s troupe has made […]

Episode 397 – Searching for “The Truth” with a Cold Read and Mirror Lake

This week is PACKED!  We announce our new submissions editors, Matthew and Monique Boudreau of Aural Stage Studios, play an excerpt from Matt McLean’s excellent Audio Drama Production podcast, and then dig in for a big helping of the ‘films without visuals’ – The Truth. First up is “Cold Read,” a psychic pulls off a […]

Episode 396 – Fighting Off the Hordes But “We’re Alive”

As a sort of post-Thanksgiving treat, we’re going to feature a show that features a whole of feasting… of human flesh. Oh yeah, it is the ultimate Zombie apocalypse podcast, We’re Alive, with something like 20 millions downloads and 40ish hours of zombie apocalypse adventure. For Army Reserve soldier Michael Cross, the world as he […]

Review: The Starling Project

Review of Audio Drama Production “The Starling Project” – Jeffery Deaver’s spy thriller is a bold new entry into the audio drama space by

Episode 395 – Experienced The Cleansed’s “Breaking”

The energy grid goes day – and stays down. Food grows scarce. Martial law is instated. And then things get really bad. Get ready to jump on the roller-coaster that is “The Cleansed,” in a re-play of the kickoff to our post-apocalyptic saga crafted for you back in 2010. Season 3 of The Cleansed is […]

Episode 394 – Sifting Through the Ashes of “Dead London”

This week’s radio drama podcast features the two winners of 2013’s War of the Worlds 75th anniversary radio drama contest (sponsored by Izotope) Watch England be annihilated in “Dead London” by the brilliant minds of the Wireless Theatre Company, then a hapless mad scientist try wildly to stem a Marian invasion in “Herbert West Vs. […]

Episode 393 – Experiencing the Aftermath

For the liberal tribe in America, the elections of this last week may have looked like the End of the World.  We are taking our time to disavow them of this notion.  Only the end of the world, is the end of the world. So starts the next month-long feature here on Radio Drama Revival – stories […]

Episode 392 – Returning to the Clanking Buoy Bell

This week we dig into the archives to re-play the Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater Classic New England Ghost Story “The Buoy” A beautiful post of how this production was recorded is available at: This is an utterly unforgettable ‘foggy old Cape Cod’ story of a lone traveler on a cold night who misses the […]

Episode 391 – A Return to “Hungry Hollow”

This week, we feature an appetizer of location horror followed by a full-on meal, the former by our own FinalRune Productions and the latter by John Ballentine’s Campfire Radio Theater. Earlier this year, host Fred Greenhalgh was invited to participate in the founding a new kind of way to get kids to interact with the […]