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Episode 206 – On a Twilight Zone “Walkabout,” and Talk with Carl Amari

We conclude our three-week run of episodes from the magnificent and long-running Twilight Zone radio dramas. This week we shy away from the holiday-oriented programming and join a hack writer on the hunt for alien abductees in the story “The Walkabout.” But this researcher may soon find himself the subject of his book, not the […]

Episode 205 – Twilight Zone’s “Gift” for Christmas… Or Humanity?

This week we have a second-round of seasonal programming from The Twilight Zone. Today’s tale has a child, a gift for humanity, a small rural village. Wait, is it the Christmas tale? Not quite. Aliens and the Mexican army collide in this adaptation of “The Gift.” COMMITTED TO THE RADIO DRAMA REVIVAL ARCHIVES. TO HEAR […]

Episode 204 – Twilight Zone Radio Brings Us a Snow Angel

This week on the show we have a Christmas treat for you… from the 5th Dimension – The Twilight Zone! Since 2002 Carl Amari has been producing these inspired radio adaptations of classic Twilight Zone episodes, starring famous guests like Stacey Keach and featuring the infectious theme we all know so well. And for this […]

Leviathan Chronicles Special Edition Episodes Now Available

Exciting audio news this week. The creators of the Leviathan Chronicles have released two special edition episodes available as pay-per-download on their website. This is an enormous amount of content available for a shockingly low price of $1.99 per download. From the horses mouth: Internal Affairs is the longest and most epic episode we’ve ever […]

Episode 203 – Chatterbox’s Snowglobe Revealed

In the second part of Chatterbox Audio Theater’s original work called “Snow Globe” we learn the meaning of a seemingly mystical experience – and we explore the way all of us try to make sense of the past and find new meaning. This is a holiday fable for adults, about the stresses the holidays put […]

Episode 202 – Chatterbox Stories Under the Snowglobe

Seasonal programming begins again on the show with an unconventional Christmas story by Chatterbox Audio Theater, called “Snow Globe.” This is a holiday fable for adults, about the stresses the holidays put us under and our desperate desire to find magic and meaning in this time of year. Penned by Bob Arnold and wonderfully produced. […]

Episode 201 – Mutt Media Brings Us the Art of Pickman

This awesome artwork found on FrostTLU’s deviantART page and NOT provided by production company. Buy a print if you like it 🙂 Mm… Nothing like a little bit of raw human flesh eaten by demons from the bowels of hell to help you through a pile of Thanksgiving leftovers, right? If your holiday taste leans […]

Episode 200 – Leonard Allen Wants to Have it Your Way

Holy crap! It’s episode 200! After nearly 4 years of radio drama podcasting we hit another round of triple digits. A pretty cool milestone and a great program to share to celebrate. We’re featuring another installment of The Mask of Innana, an original mystery series by the Post Meridian Players who you probably have heard […]

Episode 199 – The Mask of Innana Goes “After Dark”

We’re psyched to bring you more inspired original audio drama this week with the pilot episode of The Mask of Innana, an original series by the Post Meridian Players who you probably have heard about through their live shows in the Boston area. The Mask of Innana demonstrates amply that they have the chops to […]

Episode 198 – Prepare to Be “Starstruck”

Well, listeners, we’ve mopped up the buckets of blood spilled throughout the month of October and prepare now for an intergalactic adventure aboard the Harpy with Capt. Galatia 9 and her loyal contingent of do-gooders. The show is the exciting new audio dramatization of Starstruck, an off-Broadway stage show and comic book that is the […]

Episode 197 – The Train of Horror Crosses International Falls and Arrives at the Bloody Pacific

This week we feature a thrilling Halloween special with back-to-back horror including works from the Icebox Radio Theater and the Willamette Radio Workshop. These are the last two stops on our Halloween penultimate event – the six-hour live radio drama fest called Transcontinental Terror. First, Icebox introduces us to a pair of teenage girls whose […]