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Off to First Night and the “Countdown to Chaos”

Well, flurries be damned, I’ve just jammed 10 CDs of Radio Drama Revival Sampler CDs into my ditty bag with my Zoom H2 and other “must” audio gadgets and am jumping into a running car on my way to Boston’s First Night to see the Post Meridian Radio Players do “Chicken Heart” as part of […]

Episode 102: Christmas Extravaganza!

Well, Santa Radio was very good to us this year and stuffed my stocking with TONS of great stuff to share with you… So break open that new mp3 player and stock it up! We have Christmas classic, Christmas irreverent, lots of voices and more than one surprise in this nearly 3-hour holiday extravaganza. Soak […]

Christmas Keeps Coming for Audio Fans

Well, everyone, Merry Christmas eve, and if you’re celebrating something else, cheers to that, too! (We had some pretty serious snow for the Solstice so I was celebrating that longest of nights in my own way…) Couple interesting things to say — first, you’ll note that Graphic Audio is now on the “Friends of Radio […]

Episode 101: Take a Sip of Saki (or 4) with 19 Nocturne Boulevard

This past Thursday marked the birthday of British writer HH Munroe AKA Saki, known for his razor-sharp stories of tricks and humor slicing up the British aristocracy. Doft your Edwardian cap as we listen to this deliciously devilish rendition of four Saki stories delivered to us by 19 Nocturne Boulevard. BONUS: Here about the upcoming […]

Malleus Review: Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill, read by Stephen Lang (English Audiobook)

Joe Hill?s debut novel Heart-Shaped Box is accomplished, polished, and hauntingly familiar. Although a malevolent ghost stalks the hero, a more powerful shade looms over the author: his father, Stephen King. I approached Heart-Shaped Box with sympathetic curiosity: how do you forge your own path when you?re the son of the world?s most famous horror writer? Well, you might try and write something King wouldn?t or couldn?t, like a comic book (Hill has) or an academic work of history (hasn?t). (Hey Joe, I don?t think King ever wrote an original audio drama . . .)

Or if you?re Joe Hill, you could stare down the master of the Dark Tower and beat him at his own game. You might even do it with a story about rebellion against powerful, over-reaching fathers. Perhaps Joe Hill deserves to have his work critiqued without reference to his father?s oeuvre; perhaps he doesn?t. I?ll leave that question to others wiser than me. For better or worse, this longstanding King reader can?t ignore the connection. Guess that means I?m haunted too.

Episode 100: Be There Sleet, or Snow, or Slice…

It was not a pretty day in Portland, Maine. And though I trolled around looking for Wifi connection in the middle of a severe ice storm, there was no internet to be found (just snapped tree limbs and downed powerlines, which, after we’d driven across a couple, we were told still might be dangerous and […]

Episode 99: Winter Begins Under the Shadow of the Bear…

This week we move from the world of the macabre to that of the fantastic, with a contemporary fairy-tale retelling by Chesterton Productions – The Shadow of the Bear. Based on Regina Doman’s novel of the same name, this epic audio adventure follows two cultured sisters living in New York City as they encounter a […]

“A Christmas Carol” Radio Drama Coming to Brewer, Maine

Thank you Google Alerts for turning me on to this one — today (that’s Dec 3) there will be a live dramatization of “A Christmas Carol” put on at the Brewer, Maine Middle School and broadcast online on WHSN-FM. The Bangor Daily News covered the live dramatization in depth. Brewer’s a bit of a haul, […]

Episode 98: A Kafkaesque Turn, and Chatter from the Chatterboxers

I couldn’t resist. In addition to a great interview with Bob Arnold and Kyle Hadley of Chatterbox Audio Theater, I put up another one of their shows, “In the Penal Colony” by Franz Kafka. A foreigner is brought to see the “wonders” of a remote penal colony, where the operator of a diabolical machine still […]

Episode 97: The Dead Girl… Is Back?

Oh yes, friends, here it is — the stunning conclusion to Chatterbox Audio Theater‘s The Dead Girl… and what a doozy it is. Father Hugh has done everything he can to drown his forlorn faith in the bottom of a bottle but even through the cloud of whisky the incredible events happening in Bloody Springs, […]

iTunes Issue – FIXED

UPDATE: I don’t want to go into the sordid details but I found a piece of malware that was causing the RSS feed to invalidate and thus screw up iTunes and probably other podcatchers as well. I’m still looking into how it happened in the first place but as of now (4:40 EST on Sunday […]