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Episode 50: Naughty or Nice?

Episode fifty? Egads! Almost a whole year has zoomed by… and how much fun we’ve had! This week, we finish cleaning up the wrapping paper in time to hear two tales coming from two desperately different spheres… or, as we like to say “Naughty or Nice.” Enjoy a new tale from Buffy Between the Lines […]

Episode 49: Decoder Rings in the Season!

Well, if you’re even the slightest fan of modern audio drama then the name of the Decoder Ring Theatre is a familiar one — Gregg Taylor and his merry band of miscreants have been producing noir drama in the OTR-style with a contemporary twist for going on two years now, and has attracted a strong […]

Episode 48: Waiting for Father Christmas

The turkey is stuffed, the appetizers are ready, and there are mince pies ready for the latecomers. But for Ellen, it’s all just not Christmas yet. And in one long evening on the rooftops, she starts to figure out why… Enjoy this marvelous and offbeat Christmas story by UK’s Wireless Theatre Company… “Waiting for Father […]

BONUS: A Chat With Central Audio Theater

This past week we heard Central Audio Theatre‘s take on Fall of the Hero, and shortly afterwards I had the chance to chat with them first about CAT and also about how they interpreted a tale that had already been produced. Hear a little bit about Central Audio Theatre and the student-run organization that is […]

TONIGHT: Retro Radio Holiday Revue

Well a few weeks back I mentioned live “Dracula” in Kenosha, Wisconson, and for those of you lucky enough to be in the area tonight you can go check out RG Productions‘ “Retro Radio Holiday Revue.”? This show features favorite comedies from the Old Time Radio era:? Jack Benny, Burns & Allen, Fibber McGee & […]

Episode 47: Return of the “Hero”

Well, we’re big fans of trying different things here at Radio Drama Revival! and now I’m pleased to feature the first work I’ve ever written produced by another — In this case, it’s “Fall of the Hero,” produced this time around by Central Audio Theatre. CAT is based out of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and features […]

Give the Gift of Audio This Season

Well, blind-sided I am again with the holiday season, and as I scamper to get some great Christmas stories in the line-up, I figured I’d take the time to highlight some of my favorite listening of this past year, as well as the stuff that’s a sure-win for any audio fan on your list. And […]

Episode 46: You Better Hyde!

No, we’re not referring to eerie references to Santa Claus, but to the megalomaniac loose in the streets of London in this week’s tale, “The Confessions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” We’d actually just reached the “confession” portion of the program last week, and now we learn all about the darker half of London’s […]

Episode 45: Better Hyde this Thanksgiving!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, when maybe your inlaws have a few more, ah, multi-personalities than you’d like them to have, comes the classic tale of the two halves of the human experience, The Confessions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This fine story marks the first tale by the Willamette Radio Workshop to grace […]

Episode 44: The Crashing Waves of “Dead Man’s Hole”

Another stunning tale by Doug Bost and Jeff Ward haunts the bitstream this week… On Acadia National Park, the crashing waves of Thunder Hole have entranced tourists, and lead to the ugly demise of more than one… Two fraternity-brothers to be confront ghost tales and legends as they spend a night on this haunted beach […]

Episode 43: Steer Clear or You’ll Be “Roadkill”

On a long lonely stretch of desert, a hitchhiker catches a ride. But as two strangers head to the next town, tales of a loose criminal on the road cast suspicion on their uncertain relationship. And reality is more dangerous that either can imagine… This week I’m proud to present the work of Doug Bost […]