1918 Radio Drama Lets Us Know: More are Coming

Matthew Boudreau, a stellar audio engineer and colleague from over at Audio Drama Talk, has kept me in the loop about the development of his new audio drama, 1918. The show promises absurd writing, a tight cast, and excellent production values. Here’s a quick trailer:

1918 Trailer 1 – More are Coming from Aural Stage Studios on Vimeo.

Here’s a blurb about the show from its creators:

It’s 1918 and aliens have crash landed on the planet. At the climax of World War I, Axis and Allied scientist are racing to find uses for alien technology. Triplanes and Sopwith camels are rigged with laser systems. Believed dead after being shot down, Manfred Von Richtofen, the infamous Red Baron is restored to health as a cybornetic robot and enlisted to aid Germany in it’s quest to fight the return of the aliens. But the key to their quest lies in the hands – or rather the voice – of a talented, capable and tenacious vocalist, Evelyn Ceriwyn, and the bumbling, but charming scientist, Dr. Henry Isotope.

Be sure to tune into the show at http://www.1918show.com/ on March 1!

  • Thank you so much for your encouraging words, links and all the help you have provided along the way. Can’t wait to release tomorrow!

  • Thanks Matthew! The show is great, can’t wait to feature it on RDR