Episode 405 – Embarking on a “Stiff” Investigation

Stiff Radio Live Audio ComedyThis week we have the delicious irreverant, lewd, scandalous and downright HILARIOUS antics of a detective who really puts the ‘hard’ in hard-boiled. Enter: Stiff Investigations, a live radio drama series which twists the OTR detective and makes it fresh for a new age.

In this episode, Jack and Venus visit the Vixen Family mansion for a party on the Devil’s Sabbath, and when a body is discovered, meeting Venus’ odd parents becomes the least of Jack’s problems. Recorded Live at the Hungry Brain August 18th, 2014

We also encourage YOU to submit for the Hear Now Festival and Mark Time Awards.  The world needs your awesome, fresh, new audio drama!!

Episode 404 – Stuck in the “Lost Elevator”

The Lost Elevator Radio Drama

Claustrophobics beware!  This week we play Northern Lights Radio Theater's production of "The Lost Elevator," - set in 1930′s New York, an express elevator suddenly becomes inexplicably stuck between floors in the high rise Robinson Building. Inside … [Read more]

Episode 403 – The Weather Looks Grim Up North

Hadrian's Wall Radio Drama

In case you thought that getting several feet of snow dumped on you was bad, we remind you that the plight of the Roman soldier in AD126 was way, way worse. This cheeky tale, "It's Grim Up North," is a historic radio sitcom about the plight of … [Read more]

Episode 402 – Gareth Stack’s “Choices”

Choices Irish Radio Comedy

Some fantastic radio comedy from the Emerald Isle this week! Gareth Stack, founder of "Dead Medium" productions, based in Dublin, tells the story of Ainesh, an under confident, over intellectual Indian-Irish twenty something. Ainesh has always … [Read more]

Episode 401: Celebrating Roger Gregg, a “Mad Scientist of Music”

Roger Gregg - Mad Scientist of Music

2015 has only just begun!  In this episode, Gareth Stack, Irish audio producer and playwright, interviews the masterful Roger Gregg in his podcast series "Mad Scientists of Music." Roger is, of course, founder of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre and one of … [Read more]

Episode 400 – A Christmas Carol by Voices in the Wind

A Christmas Carol Radio Drama

This week we feature the work of Voices in the Wind, a group based out of Toronto, CA who are producing their own original material as well as classics, such as we'll hear today, "A Christmas Carol." You know the drill, Ebeneezer Scrooge is a jerk … [Read more]

Episode 399 – Happy Exclusion Day!

Our Fair City - Exclusion Day Special

This week the Hartlife Company - all the life you'll ever need - is proud to present Tales from Our Fair City in their annual EXCLUSION DAY special. A charming story of survivors, obedience, and a happy man wearing red.  Featuring both their 2011 … [Read more]

Episode 398 – It’s A Wonderful Life, Live!

It's A Wonderful Life- Live Radio Drama

This week we thoroughly embrace the holidays with the RG Productions rendition of "It's A Wonderful Life," the beloved American holiday classic, based on the Lux Radio adaptation from 1947. This story of idealism and reflection was produced live as … [Read more]

Episode 397 – FIXED – Searching for “The Truth” with a Cold Read and Mirror Lake

The Truth APM Radio Drama

This week is PACKED!  We announce our new submissions editors, Matthew and Monique Boudreau of Aural Stage Studios, play an excerpt from Matt McLean's excellent Audio Drama Production podcast, and then dig in for a big helping of the 'films without … [Read more]

Episode 396 – Fighting Off the Hordes But “We’re Alive”

We're Alive Zombie Podcast

As a sort of post-Thanksgiving treat, we're going to feature a show that features a whole of feasting... of human flesh. Oh yeah, it is the ultimate Zombie apocalypse podcast, We're Alive, with something like 20 millions downloads and 40ish hours … [Read more]

Review: The Starling Project

The Starling Project - Audible Drama

Title: The Starling Project Author: Jeffrey Deaver Producer: AudioComics Company for Audible.com Type: Audio Drama Genre: International Thriller Availability: Free with Audiblec.com trial, or 1 Audible Credit I'll be honest - I'm excited as … [Read more]